An Anti-Inflammatory 30-Day Program

To Revitalize Mind and Body

Naturally Nourish, and Fully Flourish! 

You're in the right place if you've been...


...Disappointed with unhelpful doctors' visits with "normal" labs

...Frustrated with trying so many diets & supplements that aren't making a difference

...Driving yourself crazy with eating less and exercising more, thinking it's all about calories

...Researching, just to be overwhelmed with too many options & conflicting information

...Told to accept how you feel because it's just part of aging

And you're ready to give your habits a makeover so that you have confidence and energy to pursue the life you desire. In other words, THRIVE.

You're Not Alone, You Get A Coach To Guide You!

I used to be in that place with you. I'm thankful for it because it lead to me becoming a functional medicine expert so that I could heal myself and provide hope and guidance to others. I have helped hundreds reach their health potential, and I'll be in your living room cheering you on!

Nothing is more frustrating than making sacrifices (bread at the restaurant, extra glass of wine, dessert, exercise instead of TV, etc), and not seeing results!  

Have you struggled with motivation, discipline, or stress getting in the way of lifestyle change? In the coaching sessions, I help you improve your mindset towards food, your body image, and creating new habits. Through videos and timely email check-ins, you'll get an infusion of energy and motivation that will keep you going when it gets tough! 


From Survive to Thrive will give you every tool you need (from education, to motivation, to live coaching, to action plans) to create a lifestyle that boosts energy, reduces inflammation, and leads to a body you feel good in. 

Life Shouldn't Be This Way

For all the time you’ve spent thinking, researching, and experimenting with your health, you deserve to have life to the fullest! Instead, you have a body that’s weighing you down.

  • Do you have a long list of to-dos, cleaning and projects around the house, workout programs you want to try, but just not enough fuel in the tank to follow-through?
  • Do you feel like you need something to get you out of bed in the morning and through the work-day? Yet whatever you take, you’re still dragging your feet?

And the worst part is that this isn’t you! You know deep down inside that you’re light-hearted, productive, creative, accomplished, maybe even an overachiever. Yet you’re feeling guilty at work or with your family because you’re falling short of your expectations. You also still feel like the fit and healthy younger you inside, but you can’t find that person in your reflection in the mirror.

*This person you’ve become is not who you are. It’s exhausting to not have peace with yourself, and to constantly be trying to figure out what to do about it.*


Most diets out there are not sustainable. Constant restriction makes you go all out on the weekends, which undoes the hard work from the previous days. Even when you stick with it, you plateau, because the low calorie diet tanks your metabolism. So unfair! And how are you supposed to exercise when you don’t have enough energy to cook dinner!? All the while, weight doesn't budge and you feel 10 years older than you are.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel this way. After college, I developed autoimmune disease, IBS, chronic fatigue, and more. I struggled for years while seeing specialists and getting on thyroid medication. But I just couldn’t get back to myself. So, I went back to school to provide a place to turn for others like me. And I learned that what we've been told is all wrong.

Popular Advice Doesn't Work 

So why has what you’ve done not produced results? The truth is, what you’ve been told to do to correct your health issues, actually makes them worse! Conventional wisdom tells you to take stimulants for energy (caffeine, sugar), medication to overcome symptoms (ibuprofen, antacids), and diets to lose weight (low calories, packaged foods). This advice actually creates more dysfunction in the body, further entrenching the root causes of your issues while masking the symptoms.

Instead, the way to truly optimize your energy and metabolism and feel fantastic is to address root causes. In my 10 years of experience coaching people to wellness, and decades studying health, I have found 2 main root causes. When I started focusing my efforts on addressing them, my patients and myself have had life-changing results.

The New Path To Feeling Well

I discovered that the main root causes of low energy and poor health are:

1. STRESS    


And guess what? These root causes are not things that show up on physical exams or blood work. Your doctor isn’t picking up on them, so you’re told you’re fine when you’re really not.

Balancing these will unleash your body’s health potential. Instead of forcing your body to have energy through caffeine or to lose weight by starving it, it will naturally function better and give you the results you’re looking for! As you start feeling better, you want to do more. This means you’re not always relying on willpower!

THE RESULT? You'll transform mentally, emotionally, & physically.

I’ve spent 2 decades learning through education, research, and trial and error. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on testing to prove the results of different methods. Just this last year, I’ve treated over 200 people, and have seen what really works (and what doesn’t).

YOU get to benefit from all of that knowledge! You get a shortcut to wellness. The research and experimentation has already been done for you, all you have to do is apply it to your life.

Imagine what it’d feel like to wake up excited for the day, and go to bed proud of what you’ve accomplished. To feel strong while working out, and confident when looking in the mirror. To feel balanced and able to handle what life throws at you. I’ve seen these results in myself and countless of my patients. Through practical, doable lifestyle change taught to you in the course, you too can upgrade your quality of life!

How This Program Will Change Your Life


Unlike Anything You've Tried Before...

The Old Approach

  • One Size Fits All
  • Focuses Only On Diet 
  • Emphasizes Calorie Reduction
  • Explains Only The What, Not The Why
  • All-Or-Nothing, Easily Burn Out
  • Requires Costly Pre-Made Foods, Supplements & Detoxes 
  • Includes Restrictive & Time-Consuming Meals

My Functional Medicine Approach

  • Teaches You How To Customize
  • Improves Diet, Movement, Stress, & Sleep 
  • Emphasizes Optimizing Health
  • Educates You So It's Sustainable
  • Transforms Mindset & Inspires Balance
  • Based on Real Whole Foods, Optional Supplements
  • Flexible and Practical For Busy People

What You'll Get



6 weeks of material, 21 lessons with 20 videos, weekly emails, and dozens of handouts to help you apply the information

Live Support


Once inside, you can choose to schedule weekly food journal reviews with our nutritionist for accountability 



On average, there's close to 50% improvement in symptoms, less stress, better sleep, and 5-10lbs weight loss

A Client's Words

"The course has been very valuable to me and worth the investment. I think the material is wonderful and I learned a ton. I have more energy, less brain fog, improved mood, and down 5lbs."  ~Ashley

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The program covers what I typically cover in 4 individual sessions with my clients, meaning it saves you almost $300! It's convenient, affordable, and has been tested and proven with hundreds of clients we've worked with.

Weekly Schedule

  • Introduction: includes your Wellness Score, Goals, & Preparation
  • Week 1: The Meal Plan
  • Week 2: Trouble-Shooting
  • Week 3: Sleep & Stress
  • Week 4: Physical Activity, Exercise, and Recovery
  • Week 5: Long-Term
  • Bonus: Emotional Eating

What Others Say


Katie completely changed my life. I love that she educates me on how things work and always offers solutions to my challenges. I've lost weight, I'm much more alert and clear-thinking, and have more energy. I no longer take antacids and take a lot less Advil.


I found the course to be very informative and specific. I loved having links for specific products and recommendations for where to buy healthier food. It made the plan much easier to implement. I've had improved digestion (a lot!), more energy, fewer cravings, feeling satisfied after a meal, and almost no bloating.


Lessons were short, yet full of info. Easy to complete without blocking out huge periods of time. I am more mindful about what my goals are and how to accomplish them. I've also acheived some weight loss.

About Your Coach

I hold a Master’s degree in both Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. I have also earned my CNS®, the highest credential in my field. For the last 10 years, my life has been dedicated to helping people reach their health potential in ways that are proven, sustainable, enjoyable, and efficient.

What really makes me unique, though, is that I have suffered through many health conditions in my own life. Therefore, I can truly empathize with my clients. I know what it's like to be frustrated, overwhelmed, and not know where to turn. I know what it's like to try so hard and not see results, and just feel defeated or even hopeless. And to not know who to trust with my time and money, or if their approach will be thorough or attainable.

Those experiences have fueled me in creating my own practice and online course, so people who want to change but don't know what they're missing can find support.


Compassionate Approach

You want someone who uplifts and supports you through hard times, & knows what it's like to struggle.


You want someone who has done all the research for you, and to explain why you're making the changes.

Practical & Achievable

You want something that can fit into your busy life. You want to know the most effective way to max results.


You want someone who knows how everything in the body is connected. Mind & emotions matter too.


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